Where we are, who we are?

Family that is going to provide You with accommodation, has a long tradition in tourism. From early seventies in our hospitality many people have enjoyed themselves. And they have often come back, so much that we, up to date, enjoy friendships that have enriched us. Languages were newer a barrier, we manage to communicate in Italian, German, English and of course Croatian, but also with nice gestures. We appreciate our guests, and they do feel it.
Except tourism, family is also producer of first class olive oil, red and white vine, and delicious dry figs.

All those original tastes of Dalmatia You can try and get to like in our house.

Master of the house, well known by his nickname from childhood Kika, is also an amateur painter, who had several exhibitions on his own and with group. Motives for his paintings are mostly people and landscapes of Dalmatia.

From his paintings You can feel strong connection with his place of birth, and wish to preserve it the way we
inherited it – not devastated.